Forsake the Empire, Seek the Kingdom!

Modern American Christians have largely been seduced by the lie that the national government can be reformed to serve their interests. Meanwhile they have failed to establish righteous governance at the local level: over their own selves, their families, their churches, and their communities.

Jesus Christ is the sole embodiment of divine authority on the earth, and it is to him alone that we owe our allegiance. When we walk with him, we face similar adversaries, be they tyrants or Pharisees; and we must not fear to disentangle ourselves from the corrupting influences of earthly powers to reclaim our heritage of glorious freedom as Sons of God.

God preserves a remnant of people for himself who refuse to bow the knee to the demonic idols of oppression. When local officials righteously refuse to comply with unjust orders, this is what we call the interposition of the lesser magistrate. This might be a Sheriff, Mayor, Judge, Pastor or Father who simply says no to an intolerable evil, and takes a stand against the oppressor.

We seek to grow a network of independent Christian communities, where people can live and work together with others of like mind. We welcome large families who homeschool their children, and try to live by their own initiative, free from consumer debt and government assistance.

Pastor John Weaver
Freedom Ministries

Pastor John Weaver has been teaching the doctrine of interposition for decades, providing a sound theological foundation for resistance to tyranny.

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Pastor Matt Trewhella
Mercy Seat Christian Church

Pastor Matt Trewhella has been teaching the doctrine of the lesser magistrate, encouraging true men to do their duty and take a stand against ever-encroaching tyranny.

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Pastor Chuck Baldwin
Liberty Fellowship

Pastor Chuck Baldwin has undertaken a Chrisitan Exodus to Montana with his extended family and supporters, where he preaches to dispell the illusions of American Christianity, and advance the principles of liberty.

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